Markus Naslund

Markus Naslund

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Big Boys

There are some teams in the NHL that seem almost untouchable this season. Sure they have lost some games but if they playoff's started today teams like Detriot, San Jose, and Boston would absolutly destroy every other team. Each of these teams have so much depth in their line-up that no one else can match. After the trade deadline however I assume that a team like Washington will beef up their team enough to give them a solid run into the playoff's and hopefully to the finals, as it stand for now though no one is going to be able to touch these three powerhouses.

Recent Player Injuries

There has been a few recent injuries that have been to some big players. Columbus Blue Jackets star goalie Steve Mason has just been diagnosed with mononucleosis. He was said to be infected for the virus for quite some time and apparently played up to 20 games while he was infected. Buffalo Sabres star forward Thomas Vanek was hit in the face with a puck in a game he was playing against the Ottawa Senators on saturday night. Sabres General Manager Darcy Regier annouced on Sunday that Vanek had very successfull surgery and will most likely not be available for the next 3-4 weeks.

Trade Deadline Approaching

With the trade deadline approaching many teams are trying to figure out, which players they need to move or which players they need to obtain to improve their teams. Many teams are also trying to re-sign big name players that they want to remain on their team such as Florida Panthers star defensemen Jay Bouwmeester. Bouwmeester has just played big role in helping the Panthers reach the playoff's this year. It has been the first time they've made the playoff' since the 99-00 season. If Flordia wants to return to the playoff's next year then they better make sure they re-sign Bouwmeester.